Wedding Cinematography

A wedding is not just all glitz and glamour, laughter and celebration. It involves emotions ranging from excitement, happiness, joy to anxiety due to cold feet, tears and sadness. With a million things taking place parallelly it is hard for you to experience every moment.

Here is one of the biggest reasons why a professional wedding filmmaker must be hired to capture your wedding. Cinematography is an art form of story-telling, it is also the science of recording light electronically onto an image sensor. It captures the chaos which is the outcome of two families coming together to become one. And your Wedding videos can trigger your five senses, memories and emotions like no other medium can. It involves the raw emotions of the bride and the groom and the respective families making them come alive through the lenses. It is like hiring another pair of eyes and ears which will document many moments which you may not be able to witness. The myriad of emotions that you go through to the expression of your parents and near and dear ones watching you walk down the aisle or performing ceremonies, taking vows, and making promises is all captured on film. A few years down the lane, watching your wedding film will bring back delightful memories and the deep emotions that you would have felt on your wedding day, given the cinematography is curated well. You could potentially relive all the emotions you encountered on your wedding day all over again by watching your wedding film instead of simply reminiscing.

While a photograph does a good job at capturing emotions, it can never beat moving pictures, i.e., 2D. It includes two senses which are seeing and hearing, which helps in experiencing emotions more intensely, for instance, your wedding vows, the mantras, the prayers, the background music amongst many other elements cannot be captured or experienced in 1D, a photograph. A wedding is one occasion when family, extended family, friends and distant relatives are all present in one place. How common is this otherwise? It is a once in a lifetime occasion to capture the presence of all of them, their reactions and joy being celebrated all in one place. From the beginning of the wedding, decorating the wedding venue through the end, each event and aspect is captured cinematographically.

We at PictureCoast use the most innovative approaches offering top wedding videography services in Bangalore and Coimbatore, across India and abroad. Our experienced team puts in all the creativity to make your wedding film unique. We give utmost importance to the flow of the visuals, lighting, composition of the frame, camera movements and never failing to capture sincere emotions. We capture memories not simply record movements. To add to it, we layer these memories with your unique backstory in order to create a documentary-style film to remind you of your beautiful love story for the rest of your lives. We as a team, focus on being client-centric and work together to deliver the best outcomes to our esteemed clients.